Every Plaza Fight Night: A Showcase of Grit and Glory in Topeka

On May 18th, Evergy Plaza will transform into a battleground where strength, skill, and spirit will collide in the much-awaited Every Plaza Fight Night.

The event, which is free to the public, promises to be a thrilling display of boxing prowess as local and regional fighters step into the ring to test their mettle. The highlight of the night is the ‘Border War’—an 8-round heavyweight battle between the reigning champion John “Iron Man” Cantrell and the challenger Brandon Carmack, known as the “War Machine”. This fight isn’t just about personal glory; it’s a contest for the American Boxing Organization and the KS/Missouri Heavyweight Titles.

Adding to the excitement, world contender and veteran fighter Derrick Campos will make his return to the ring, bringing with him years of experience and a reputation that precedes him. The middleweight division will see electrifying action as Devonte Jones takes on an opponent yet to be announced, promising a bout filled with tactical brilliance and raw power.

The event will also mark the debut of a promising young fighter, G Munoz, who will step into the professional arena for the first time. His performance is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, who are keen to see if he lives up to the hype surrounding his entry into the sport.

The doors of Evergy Plaza will open at 5 pm, with the first fight scheduled to begin at 6 pm. The night is not just about the fights; it’s a celebration of the fighting spirit that resonates within each participant and spectator. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work that these athletes put in day in and day out.

Listen in at 2pm May 6-10 and play Back Rockwards with Robert for your chance to win a pair of tickets at the V100 VIP table! Be the first caller to identify the correct artist or song title of song played backwards and you’ll have the best seats in the house on May 18th!