Interview: Lou Brutus Talks “Sonic Warrior”

Image via Atom Splitter PR

The most legendary rock radio DJ has added author to his many accomplishments.

Lou Brutus is a master behind the mic and now a master on the page. His new memoir “Sonic Warrior: My Life as A Rock N Roll Reprobate (Tales of Sex, Drugs, and Vomiting at Inopportune Moments)” is available everywhere books are sold, including local book stores as well as big chains like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Lou was kind enough to take some time out of his day to chat about how the book came to be, how long it took to write, and some of the crazy stories that are 100% true. Take a listen to Ethan’s conversation with Lou below.

Now that you’ve heard Lou give you the dirty details about “Sonic Warrior,” I thought I’d take this chance to tell you go buy the damn book. I’ve been reading it over the last couple of days and it has been the most entertaining book that I’ve read in my adult life. Each chapter is a short story of a specific encounter Lou has had on his journey through the world of rock n roll, and every single one of them will make you laugh, or make you want to never eat pork again. Buy the book and you’ll find out what I mean.

You can catch Lou Brutus on V100 Saturday nights from 10PM-12AM with his show hardDrive that features the latest in rock music offerings as well as interviews with some of the biggest acts on the planet.