Remembering our friend Slacker

It is with a broken heart that we share with you that our friend Slacker, has passed away due to complications of AML. His wife Jennifer and daughter Brianna were with him at home as he left this life. I know you’ll join us in expressing your heartfelt condolences to Slacker’s family. Slacker had two great passions, his family, and his time on the air in Kansas City. For over 33 years, the last 16 at 101 The Fox, Slacker loved to entertain his radio audience. He helped Veterans with Cars 4 Heroes and many other charities. He pointed out the little absurdities we all deal with, making us laugh at him and ourselves. Named Radio Legend by his peers, Slacker was a voice of, and for Kansas City. Sadly, that voice is now silent. If you choose, Slacker asked that you pray for his family, and all who are affected by cancer. And pick up the phone and talk to that friend you haven’t gotten around to talking to, today.  Slacker would like that.