It’s the Nightmare on the Boulevard featuring the Carnival of Souls, coming October 14th at the Stormont Event Center!

This terrifying tale takes place at ‘Carnival of Souls’, an old abandoned run down carnival. Dr. William Jacobson inherited the eyesore from his father when he was a young boy. William was a world renowned scientist in behavioral modification. He was the best in his field at using his historic techniques on murderers and thieves in prisons all across the country. Until it was discovered that he was using electro shock therapy on his patients. Consequently, his lab was shut down and he was shunned from the medical community. Only three short days later, the doctor lost his one and only daughter Lucy in a tragic accident. Dr. Jacobson’s mind was lost that day and everyone became enemy number one. His shock therapy became an obsession. He secluded himself from the world in the old abandoned carnival, while he tortures anyone he can get his hands on and turns them into shock induced freaks! Your experience begins 10 years after Lucy’s tragic accident and the doctor has filled ‘Carnival of Souls’ with electrified victims. This isn’t like any carnival you’ve ever been too. Your objective is to make your way through this terrifying carnival of freaks, all while trying to figure out the true story behind Lucy’s untimely death. Beware! The really bad people became unusually aggressive. Good luck making it through this carnival of SHOCK! 


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