Mammoth WVH Play Debut Show to Sold Out Crowd in LFK

Rock history has been made.

Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halen, performed his first show under the name Mammoth WVH to a sold out crowd at The Bottleneck in Lawrence tonight and he rocked the place.

Mammoth WVH just released their first album back in June and they chose Lawrence as their first place to perform live before heading out on a massive stadium tour with Guns ‘N Roses starting July 31st. The band performed an hour long set that left the crowd both very satisfied and wanting more. I thought the album was amazing, but seeing those songs live just hits you different.

As expected, Wolf and the crew didn’t play any cover songs. No Van Halen, just straight up Mammoth WVH and it was phenomenal. So if you plan on catching a Mammoth WVH show in the future, don’t expect any Van Halen tunes. What you can expect though, is a touching tribute from father to son. Watch Mammoth WVH perform “Distance” live for the first time below.

A lot of people in the crowd came to the show wearing their Van Halen shirts and left with a new Mammoth WVH shirt.

Get your copy of the debut album from Mammoth WVH here.