Foo Fighters Release “Medicine at Midnight”

Photo by Danny Clinch via RCA Records

Dave and the gang are back!

One of the most anticipated albums of 2020 was put on hold all thanks to the pandemic, but we’re stoked to finally have new music from the guys in Foo Fighters! Their new album Medicine at Midnight is available on all digital platforms as well as on vinyl and cd on February 5th! These guys are one of the last true rock and roll bands out their right now, so show them some love and pick up a copy of the new record! Order it online here.

Having heard quite a bit of the record, we think you’re going to dig it. While it does sound a little different for an album from the Foos, it’s undeniably rock and roll while also making you want to dance. At least, it makes me want to dance.

You can hear tunes from the new album this Sunday night inside The VORTX right here on V100! If you’reĀ impatient, take a peek at the music videos they’ve released from the new record below!