Who Has Kansas’ Top Hops?

A recent study was conducted to find out which brewery is the most popular in each state.

We love taking a look at the breakdown of favorite things by state, especially when it’s about one of our favorite things. Beer comes in many varieties and it’s not surprising that each state likes one brewery more than another. In Kansas, Free State Brewing Co. takes the cake. Coming up short behind Free State, but making it to the top 5, we have Defiance Brewing Co., Aero Plains Brewing, Drop The H Brewing Co., and Three Rings Brewery.

The House Method team did a deep dive to find the most popular brewery in every state and the 150 most popular in the United States. They pulled data on over 2,200 breweries and looked at four factors to determine the most popular: Facebook followers, Instagram followers, Yelp score, and number of Yelp reviews.

Check out the full results below!

Image via House Method


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