Korn Release “The Nothing”

Image via Roadrunner Records

They’ve been rocking for over 20 years, and they’re not done yet.This year has been insane for heavy music. We’ve gotten new records from Slipknot, Tool, and now Korn. Their new record is called “The Nothing,” and it really lives up to that title. The entire album is about Jonathan’s struggle over the last year or so with the death of his wife. You can feel the pain he is in while listening to some of the tracks off of the new record.

Sonically, the record is killer. You get hints of that classic Korn sound with the bagpipes and some of Brian’s guitar work, but the album is very fresh and will appeal to a wide audience. Like I said before, you can feel Jonathan’s pain throughout the entire record. There are even a couple of places where he’s crying, and you can’t help but get emotional with him.

In a year with a lot going for it for rock and metal, Korn has made it clear that they’re still one of the top dogs and they’re not going anywhere, no matter how many times people in the comment section say they should. As long as there is pain, there will be music. And there is always pain.

Tonight (September 15th), you can hear Korn’s “The Nothing” in its entirety inside The VORTX. Be sure to pick up a copy of the record and bring them to number one this week. You can order the physical album here.

Check out some footage from their album release party below!



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