iPhone 11 Could Be Coming Soon To Topeka

i Phone users rejoice! A new version of the phone could be on its way to Topeka in the very near future.

Apple has sent out “invitations” for its iPhone-centric event being held September 10th at Apple Park in California, giving insiders and members of the media an inside look at the new iPhone. So far, it’s been revealed that the new iPhone 11 will have three cameras; one telephoto lens and two lenses for wider angles.  The night vision mode is supposed to be much better on the 11, too. The new iPhone will also come in three models, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.  There’s also a big rumor that Apple will FINALLY allow 5G capabilities and a much better battery, according to ITP.

Are you going to splurge and get it or pass until something better comes along?


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