Happy Birthday Tony Iommi

Happy Birthday to Black Sabbath founder Tony Iommi!

The legendary guitarist and Black Sabbath founder turns 71 today (02/19/19)! Iommi has always had a unique playing style due to an injury he had when he was young. He worked in a factory as a teen and cut the tips of his middle and ring fingers of his right hand off while working.

Things you don’t know about Tony Iommi:

He always has a mustache to hide a scar he has just above his lip.

In 1968, he left Sabbath to play with Jethro Tull, but came back in 1970.

John Bonham was Tony’s best man at his first wedding.

Iommi had surgery to remove a lump from his throat in 2016, but the lump was benign.

Tony is a Catholic that doesn’t attend church very often.


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