It’s A Rocking Dead Weekend!


We’re resurrecting dead-n-gone rockers for a weekend of rancid rock! V100 presents “The Rocking Dead Weekend!”

Starting Friday at 5, we’re conjuring up the rotting corpses of those rockers in the ‘ever-after’ with “Double-Taps” of flesh-eating tunes all weekend long! We’re casting the “V voodoo” and unearthing Lemmy and Motorhead, Keith Moon’s The Who, and Cliff’s Metallica for a freaky weekend zombie arockalypse. We’ll even dig up John from the Beatles, and Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones (OK, so he’s not quite dead, but we’re just covering our bases.. in case, well… you know…) The Rocking Dead invade! – This weekend on V100!



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