Ethan Talks with Neil from Three Days Grace

Image via RCA Records

Ethan talks with drummer, Neil Sanderson, from Three Days Grace.

After seeing their energetic performance at Rock on the Range 2018, I had to chat with Three Days Grace. What made their ROTR performance so special? They went on after a few hours of rain delays and even arena evacuations. Everyone came back to the arena when they gave the all clear and were ready to party. Not only has the band gone through a significant line-up change with the addition of Matt Walst at lead vocals, they’ve kept their tradition of being on of rock’s top acts both on the stage and the air waves as they’re tied with Van Halen at 13 for #1 songs on the mainstream rock charts. Neil and I talk about Rock on the Range, their new album Outsider and more in the interview below!

Check out some of Three Days Grace’s performance at Rock on the Range 2018 below!

The band’s new album Outsider featuring the songs “The Mountain,” “Infra-red,” and “I am An Outsider” is available to purchase or stream now. They’re heading out on tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Prophets of Rage starting in July, but will not be making their way to NE Kansas by the end of the year. Hopefully they’ll go on tour again in the winter of 2019 with a stop in the Kansas City area. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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