The Late Afternoon Show with Randy Raley

I fell in love with music at an early age. having a brother 8 years older than you will do that. I fell in love with radio at an equally early age. Those guys telling stories over the intros of songs really fueled my desire to be one of them. My first time on the air was when I was fifteen and reading the news for my local small town AM station. I then put together an over the air station at my high school in the Quad Cities. The station still is in operation today. My first paid radio job was in Muscatine Iowa at a 100,000 watt FM station. I then did mornings at my hometown rock station in the Quad Cities. After that, I did nights then afternoons at the now defunct but legendary KY 102 in Kansas City, I went to St. Louis where I did the afternoon show at another legendary station KSHE 95 and the returned to KC in 2002 to do mornings at 101 KCFX. What is my goal? To play the rock and roll you want to hear and put some fun in between the songs. That’s it.

I own and operate my own internet radio station, I love to ride my bicycle and I’m looking for a good pick up basketball game with out of shape older dudes. As much as I’d like to try, this body just can’t hang with the kids anymore.

Listen to me 3p-7p weekdays and some weekends on V100


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