Kansas lawmakers override vetoes on election restriction bills

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Legislature overrode Kansas Gov. Kelly’s vetoes Monday on two election limit bills.

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The first bill, HB 2183, has now bypassed the governor’s veto and restricts the number of ballots that one person can return in an election in Kansas. In the past, there was no limit on how many ballots one person could return on behalf of others, but the bill would now limit the number to 10 ballots for their friends and neighbors.

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Another bill, HB 2332, would prevent election laws from being altered without approval from the Kansas Legislature. This now prevents the Kansas governor, secretary of state and court leaders from changing election laws.

While the Kansas Legislature was successful Monday in overriding the election bill vetoes and a bill lowering the state’s firearm concealed carry age, it failed to bypass a controversial bill that would ban transgender women from women’s sports in Kansas.