Jason from FEVER 333 Talks Racial Injustice and Protesting

Image via Roadrunner Records

We need to talk about it.

The last week has been a really crazy time for the U.S. People who have been fighting the fight for racial equality continue to do so just as they have for hundreds of years. I had the chance to walk with Jason Aalon Butler, the lead singer for the band FEVER 333 and advocate for social justice. My challenge to the people in this country that look like me is to listen. People are hurting and they want their voices to be heard. Listen to what Jason has to say, and reflect on what you can do better in your life. I know that I have.

After you listen to what Jason has to say, I want to invite you to listen to music from FEVER 333. Below you can listen to their song called “THE INNOCENT,” and they’ve just released a new track called “Supremacy” that you can download here for free.

There’s a fever coming.