Harry Potter Sport Comes To Life In TopCity

Image via Topeka Quidditch Club

If you’re a Potter fan, you need to get with this program.

Quidditch was really fun to read about and of course watch in the Harry Potter films, but did you ever think you would have the chance to play it in real life? Now you can! Topeka Quidditch Club is an 18+ coed Quidditch team here in the capital city. The club holds practice every Tuesday night at Seabrook Park at 6:30 PM if you’re interested in coming out. They also head over to Spawn Inn, which is the official team clubhouse. The club is in a league made up of college and adult teams from all over the nation and they’re in the Midwest region of that league. They’ll be playing clubs from both Wichita State University and the University of Kansas in their upcoming season.

The club encourages anyone to come on out and see what everything is about, even if you’re not a Harry Potter nerd like some of us. The sport does involve some contact and is very athletic, so it’s great for exercise and a little extra fun.

Are you a beater or a keeper? Find out on Tuesdays at 6:30. We’re sure it will be exactly like the films.


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