Draft Day – Requiem For a Quarterback

Photos courtesy of The Kansas City Chiefs

The 2017 NFL Draft is upon us, and our Kansas City Chiefs are holding the 27th overall pick, and a total of 10 picks throughout the next 3 days. The Reid/Dorsey era in Kansas City, has largely been very successful in the NFL Draft. Andy Reid and John Dorsey have picked up a great many more players that have made major positive impacts on the field (2 of them pictured above), than they have players that, for lack of a better term, have been busts. Because of that, the Chiefs find themselves in a unique position this year. They are truly in a spot where they have no absolute pressing needs. The Chiefs had a 12-4 record last season, they won the AFC West, and got a first round bye in the postseason. They don’t have the glaring holes, could they use an upgrade at Running Back with the departure of Jamaal Charles? Sure. Do they need to find a successor to Derrick Johnson in the middle? Yes. Would it be great to get another shut down corner opposite Marcus Peters? Absolutely. However, none of those needs are what kept the Chiefs from reaching the Super Bowl last year.  Which is why, I firmly believe that the Chiefs MUST make 2017 the year that they end their league record 34 year drought of drafting a Quarterback in the first round, and not only that, I also believe that that quarterback should be Deshaun Watson. If it were to me, I would pay whatever price was necessary to trade up to grab Watson. Whatever the cost, I would pay it. Now, there are other Quarterback prospects that would be ok in Kansas City.  Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina and Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech are also projected to go in round 1.  Both of them would be ok with me, but I don’t think either of them fits the Chiefs’ system as well as Watson does. So, with that in mind, here is how I HOPE the first round plays out.

  • Option 1 – Deshaun Watson is available in the mid-teens, and the Chiefs find a way to trade up and grab him. The Chiefs have a lot of ammunition in the draft (10 picks) and they don’t have room on the roster for 10 rookies to come in. So trading away a couple of those picks to move up in the first round to grab a Quarterback, just makes too much sense for the organization. I believe Watson is the only one of the Quarterbacks that is worth moving up in round 1 for.  I don’t make this move if he’s not there, but if he falls past 13th or so, I see no reason NOT to move up and take him. It mortgages part of the future, but does it to potentially buy the future for the next 10+ years.
  • Option 2 – Deshaun Watson (or one of the other 2 QBs mentioned above) falls to 27 and the Chiefs draft them. That would make life easiest for everyone, and wouldn’t mortgage any part of the future.
  • Option 3 – All 3 QBs are off the board, but a great running back prospect, such as Christian McCaffrey or Dalvin Cook, is still available. Snag the RB, and then find a way to grab QB Deshone Kizer out of Notre Dame in round 2.

Now, that’s what I WANT. The Kansas City Chiefs have, for all intents and purposes, punted on the most important position in all of sports for the past 34 years. They haven’t even tried to draft a first round quarterback since they were burned by Todd Blackledge. The closest they’ve come was Matt Blundin in the 2nd round of the draft in 1992. In truth, this franchise has NEVER, in its entire history, drafted and successfully developed a Quarterback. Len Dawson wasn’t even drafted by the Chiefs! Both Andy Reid and John Dorsey came to Kansas City from organizations that did the right thing, and successfully developed quarterbacks that they drafted to make their franchises successful. I think the organization is primed, with Alex Smith basically entering his final season in Kansas City, to end that drought, and make the move to better the team for the future.

However, as the Stones said, you can’t always get what you want.  So, what do I honestly anticipate the Chiefs doing in the draft tonight? My guess is, they take either a Linebacker, a Defensive Lineman, or possibly a running back depending on who’s available. Overall though, throughout the course of the next few days, the Chiefs need to come away with at least one of each of the following:  QB, ILB, CB, RB, and OLB.  The draft is an exciting time of year for certain!  Let’s hope for the best and anticipate a great 2017 NFL Season! Go Chiefs!




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